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Montana themed film "Mickey and the Bear" will world premiere!

Do you work with passion and spirit? Here's an amazing gymnast to inspire you today!
UCLA Gymnastics @uclagymnastics
A 🔟 isn't enough for this floor routine by @katelyn_ohashi. 🔥

It's a full week of #LogCabinLiving and what better way to start it off than with a behind the scenes look during our film days! Keep an eye on our social media pages for any news and updates! #WSProd #onHGTV #realitytv #househunting MTFilmOffice photo

Come support The Myrna Loy at our next Brew & View on Thurs, Jan 24, featuring a screening of the 1996 Cohen Brothers' classic 'Fargo.' The fun starts at 6pm, movie at 8pm. Get your tix now: #HelenaMT MTFilmOffice photo

"Wildlife" and 3 more hit the Top 100 iTunes Movies Chart! Trailers and more - MTFilmOffice photo



Montana Film Office

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Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office
SCAM ALERT! If you recently received any emails that appear to be "to-good-to-be-true" they probably are... especially in this line of work! Always check who it's from... if it has an extension you don't recognize, it's probably from another country. (Example : -- -- All of these are from outside the U.S. -- Russia, Poland, and Italy respectively. It's the holidays, and crooks are in full swing! Don't fall for it! If you EVER have any questions, call us here at the office, and we will be able to immediately verify if a request is legit. 99.9% of the time if someone is emailing you, that you've never heard of, IT'S A SCAM!!!

Here's an example of the current email scams circulating :


Sent: Friday, December 7, 2018, 6:21:07 AM MST

Hello ,

How are you today? glad to let you know your Information was received and you've been considered for the available position.

We are trying to secure a warehouse and production equipment locally. As soon as we have them ready, you will need to meet with the warehouse manager on our behalf.

You will receive a paycheck as mentioned in the previous email in the amount of $4,875 ,$1100 is your pre- production salary and $3,775 is for renting required production equipment, errands and tax. The paycheck was mailed out and expected Scheduled delivery 12/07/2018 by 12:00 pm, More information will be sent to you later which includes set of Instructions for each task you are to perform.

Please note that you are required to be checking your email often so as to be updated on any latest development. Your total commitment is however needed for effective delivery of service. Your duty officially starts as soon as you receive the paycheck I want us to meet for the interview on Friday,14th December, 2018 in Finlen Hotel and Motor Inn(100 E Broadway St, Butte, MT 59701) . Kindly check your schedules and get back to me with the best time to meet you on that day,I look forward to meeting you soon, find attached copy of script below, once you received the check Kindly deposit the check and email copy of deposited receipt have a great day I look forward to working with you soon

Kind Regards.

Micheal Cole




It's not spam. I'm offering you a good job of producer

Hello respected producer . I should like to ask for your opinion about a work on the draft .

Don’t you want to take part in the producing of the project, which will be based on this book => link ? There is all book in an electronic letter or link on Google drive is here or .
The book is ideal for creating a music video, commercial (food, domestic appliances or electronics, sports goods etc.), placement product, prompts of musical festival, video shows at concerts, a short film or animation etc.

Here short description of first book -This book tells us about three pregnant women being in a birthing centre.

One of them got music from a receiver set, then it was transferred to her uterus and the child had received it. After that this child transferred the music to the other two children in their mothers` bellies. Then an ultrasound device showed how all three children were dancing in the uteros. After that the music spread to the whole birthing centre and even newborn children began to dance while listening to it. When there was no light in the room, one of the adults was watching this dance by way of a multirole thermal imager and saw the babies dancing on the monitor. And when bulbs in the whole building began to twinkle, the adults could see that incredible dancing without any devices. One of the babies played a soundboard while standing headfirst. The other one jumped on a ball. A group of other babies made up three pillars by jumping on the shoulders of each other and wearing a big shirt. And the main baby wore headphones and transferred the music to the other children. At the same time the adults were watching this dance. And the bulbs were twinkling like disco music lights and the music was sounding. Also there were a lot of fun moments in the book.

(The second book(I write this book now) tells us about a sad girl, about that how nature and music put her in a cheerful frame of mind and helped her to feel on top of the world.)

Copyright © EVGENIY DRYUNIN, 2016 ISBN 978-5-4483-0329-6

Please, If you still have questions, send me an e-mail


Clearly the use of language is not common 'North American' English, and the tell-tale (.ru) is a dead give away... this message is from Russia... Not to mention the story is utterly whacked!

Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office
Shot partially in Livingston & Park County Montana, Paul Dano's "Wildlife" is now showing in select cities across America --
Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office
It's cold out there! Bring your pets indoors, unless they're buffalo... or bears... Buffalo & bears should definitely stay outside!
Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office added a cover video.
Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office added a cover video.
Montana Film Office





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